From Immigration to Inspiration

The Catholic Heritage Center & Museum focuses on the Perry County communities of Apple Creek and Biehle and their deep roots in the Catholic faith. This museum opened their doors in 2012 next to the historical and beautiful St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and outdoor grotto located in Apple Creek, Perry County, Missouri.
Utilizing the once St. Joseph Apple Creek school building, a small band of local volunteers have created a mesmerizing trip back into time centered around the once thriving communities of Apple Creek and Biehle. From tools of the local trade, advertising memorabilia and family keepsakes you will be able to relive the once hustling and bustling life of small town America. These two communities both centered around their Catholic churches, St. Joseph of Apple Creek and St. Maurus of Biehle and deeply rooted in their faith have preserved a breathtaking collection of Catholic religious artifacts. From bibles printed in their German ancestral language, Priest chasubles of astonishing design and workmanship and multiple church artifacts. Through your visit here you will be delighted, amazed and inspired by the people, their communities and their journey.