Perryville Welcomes Outdoor Classrooms April 8th

There is no doubt that if you live in or near the path of a total solar eclipse sharing that unique experience with your students is an undeniable educational opportunity. The 2017 Great American Eclipse proved that as thousands of students and educators traveled to get within the path to experience two minutes and forty seconds of totality in Perryville, Missouri. The April 8, 2024, Great North American Eclipse will give educators an even greater opportunity to educate and inspire the next generation of teachers, scientists, and astronauts with over three minutes 47 seconds this time.

Located eighty miles south of St. Louis, Perryville is welcoming schools again as they plan their fieldtrips to venture within the path of totality for another fun and inspirational day of solar education. In 2017, Perryville customized their public viewing destinations to accommodate schools from as far away as Arkansas by providing designated areas in their parks with ample restrooms, use of pavilions, shade trees, and playground equipment. There was plenty of room for kids to spread out in their assigned areas, room for educational activities to be set up, and plenty of room to experience the eclipse. The bus parking was in the park and park staff made sure everyone found their spots. Many schools brought picnic or brown bag lunches, but concession stands were available if needed. It all worked out beautifully.  Certified eclipse glasses were acquired through our registration process to assure us that everyone in the park was using safe glasses. The schools received their glasses before traveling to Perryville so that if traffic caused a delay, they could still see the partial phases from the bus windows.

Perryville is very excited to be within the path of totality again in 2024! We understand the value of this experience to our community and the opportunity we can offer to others who are curious or interested in space and solar exploration. It will be a perfect day for an outdoor classroom and the last U.S. opportunity educators will have until 2045. We do not charge for parking or the viewing area. Certified eclipse glasses are required and are available for $2 per pair. If your school or student group is interested in viewing the eclipse at Perryville and would like more information on how we can help you set up an amazing educational opportunity for your students, please contact Trish Erzfeld at or 573-517-2069. We want as many students as possible to have this experience because for some, it just may change their lives and how they view the universe.