Top places to view the solar eclipse in Perry County

Here is a list of great places to be in Perry County to view the total solar eclipse.

  • Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial
    1172 Veterans Memorial Pkwy, Perryville MO 63775
  • Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum
    75 Church St. Altenburg MO 63732
  • Saxon Lutheran Memorial
    296 Saxon Memorial Drive Frohna MO 63748
  •  Hemman Winery
    13022 Highway C Brazeau MO 63737
  • Saxony Hills Brewery
    303 Maple St. Altenburg MO 63732
  • Perryville Regional Airport
    1856 Highway H Perryville MO 63775- This was a fly-in destination. We had 147 airplanes from all over the U.S. fly in for the 2017 eclipse. Pretty cool.
  • Perry Park Center- Perryville City Park
    800 City Park Dr. Perryville MO 63775- We promoted this in 2017 to schools. Plenty of shade, restrooms, etc. for kids.
  • Bank of Missouri Soccer Complex
    1238 Star St. Perryville MO 63775- its so cool that this public viewing location is on STAR street.

We also invite science-based universities and/or business who want a location within the path to run their tests, experiments, gather data, etc. during the eclipse. We had 6 in 2017. From high altitude balloon launches to measuring the bended light coming around the moon during totality. I have photos.

We dedicated a sundial on our courthouse lawn for eclipse 2017 that will also have a plaque for 2024. Photo?

We had a 4-day festival “SolarFest” with solar themed events, activities, food, parade, etc. in 2017 that we plan to do again.  

Get your solar eclipse glasses at the Perryville Welcome Center (508 N. Main St. Perryville MO 63775) $2 (We have them in stock now for 2024)